The RAID Deco 50m Diver has modern, graphic rich manuals which explore and introduce the most modern information and techniques. A modern skill set places emphasis on managing skill mastery while neutrally buoyant. The skills themselves have been up as well with desire being that RAID divers will use a similar equipment configuration and perform the skills in a similar fashion.

The RAID Deco 50m Diver manuals also cater to the sidemount diver wanting to become Deco 50 diver.

RAID Deco 50m Diver overview is as follows:

Dive to a maximum depth of 50 metres/165 feet.

Complete a maximum of 30 minutes accelerated decompression.

Divers may only utilise a single decompression gas.

Divers may use up to 100% oxygen for accelerated decompression.

Divers must use a multi-gas switch computer.

Bottom or back gas maximum PO2 is 1.4 and a maximum of 1.6 for accelerated decompression gas.

Certified to use air, nitrox, oxygen and trimix with a maximum END/EAD of maximum 30 metres/100 feet.

RAID OC Deco 50m Diver has 6 manuals and quizzes.

1° Equipment

2° Physics

3° Physiology

4° Management

5° Confined Water

6° Open Water

Divers MUST participate in at least one confined water skill session and 8 open water dives.
Dives from Deco 40 may credit towards Deco 50 certification.


Be a minimum of 18 years old.

Be a certified diver for at least 3 months.

Be certified as a RAID Nitrox, Deep 40 and Master Rescue Diver (or equivalent), and have experience in Navigation and Night/Restricted Visibility diving.

Must have logged at least 5 hours between 27-40 m.

Submit current Rescue Breathing, CPR Training and Oxygen Provider certificates.

Have logged 50 hours underwater or 75 dives using open circuit.

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